Halo Industries continues the commitment to its history of quality by deploying  a new Articulated Arm Portable CMM 6-Axis with  Master 3D Gage Articulated Arm Laser Scanner in preparation for Mars mission projects and post Additive Manufacturing high precision contracts.

In line with Halo’s expansion into new manufacturing technologies; Halo Industries is awarded its first post Additive Manufacturing  machining contract. The end user is an Aerospace industry giant that has been trusting Halo with several mission critical projects over the past quarter century.



Thank you Boeing for recognizing our hard work and dedication.

Boeing builds the most powerful rocket ever made…
And Halo Industries is Part of it


What you’re looking at is the largest welding system in the world,” said Jackie Nesselroad. She is leading a team from Boeing (BA) that’s welding together the world’s most powerful rocket, the Space Launch System. “It’s about the coolest job on earth.”