We do things differently here at Halo Industries.  Integrity, honesty and an open communication policy are the keys to developing long term relationships with our clients.  It has been the reason for our initial success; it will continue to be the reason for our expanded growth.

We also provide additional services in order to better satisfy our customer’s needs.  The business term for this is “Value Added.”  We just call it our duty as a responsible and respected manufacturer.

  • Halo Industries is an A9100 certified company.
  • We utilize the M1 ERP system in order to maintain dynamic control over all aspects of our business.  This allows us to consolidate every aspect of each individual order, ensuring smooth, flawless hand-offs from one department to the next.
  • Halo employs an in-house, ultrasonic cleaning of your parts before shipping—no matter the destination.  Whether they are going to one of our trusted vendors or directly to your receiving dock, our parts are guaranteed to be immediately ready for assembly, shipping, or commercial use.

Our Company Is Dedicated to the Following:

  • Reliability

    We build and maintain leadership in our markets by delivering superior value to our customers, as measured by customer service and responsiveness, product quality, on-time delivery, and technology-development capability.
  • Employee Loyalty

    We continue to attract and retain highly qualified and productive employees by providing a challenging work environment, offering decision-making authority and—consistent with responsibility—offering additional training, competitive compensations and opportunities to share in the financial success of the business through pay-for-performance and profit sharing.
  • Company-wide Integrity

    Halo Industries commands respect as a corporate citizen by enforcing ethical legal, social and safety standards.